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*No more damage on semiconductorcomponent and PCB.
*No more damage on testingequipments.
*Safe usability for the operators.
SAIMEIOU498 Wristband Style Testing Machine

1. If all ok, a buzzer and green light appears.
2. LOW Yellow Light indicates to check connectionm 800KΩ non-resistive.
3. HIGH Red Light: wrist and arm check, check the resistance. Take off write band tester line.
The product cartages are static proof

PCBA, SMT, OEM, EMS, and SMT Processing needs
Located in Dongguan, China, we service customers with their EMS needs in SMT and PCBA (PCB Assembly) manufacturing service needs. Our PCB Assembly and SMT Process use high quality SMT equipments, providing full service with DIP and MI processes and to Product Assembly. Please feel free to contact us for your OEM EMS needs.

Quick Links:Managment for Anti-static proofing , Static Electricity Countermeasures

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