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We understand environmental problems and promote environmentally friendly activities to protect and conserve our Planet.
OKANO/OKTEK has human-centric living environment. We provide production service by making continuous assements to environmental impacts; to keep factory updated with the latest technological developments.
Laws &
We comply and abide in compliance with national and local environmental laws, rules and regulations, and other necessary requirements.
Eco-friendly We promote busines activites while focusing on resource and conserving energy in-order to strive to prevent environmental pollution and efficiently reduce, recycle, and reuse for the better of society.
6S A friendly atmosphere is kept by the 6S’s: Seiri (Organization), Seiton (Orderliness), Seisou (Clean Working Environment), Seiketsu (Cleanliness), Shitsuke (Professionalism), and Safety.
Pay attention to recycling and reducing costs through consumption of goods during manufacturing, distribution, and its cycle of use.
As an important part of our busines activities, we pay close attention to quality and continuously improce management systems.
Goal The pursuit of long-term development of the enterprise.

Quality Policy: To meet customers requirements, improve staff quality, improve corporate management, and pursuit excellence in overall management.

Business Philosophy: Confirm Trial Run, keep both dedicated and focused service, and sustain management.

ISO Declaration: Say what you do, write what you said, do what you wrote.

6S: Seiri (Organization), Seiton (Orderliness), Seisou (Clean Working Environment), Seiketsu (Cleanliness), Shitsuke (Professionalism), and Safety.

Commitment to Quality:
1. Implement quality management system to ensure the quality of all products.
2. Implement a comprehensive quality control to effectively reduce NG goods.

Quality Objectives:
1. Customer Satifaction : more than 95%
2. Customer complaints : 10 or less / year
3. Customer Audit pass rate : more than 98%
4. Training of Staff to reach more than 95%
5. Customer Trial Run Confirmation : more than 95%
6. Equipment satisfaction : more than 98%
7. Component accuracy : more than 98%
8. Customer/ ISO audsits : 100%

PCBA, SMT, OEM, EMS, and SMT Processing needs
Located in Dongguan, China, we service customers with their EMS needs in SMT and PCBA (PCB Assembly) manufacturing service needs. Our PCB Assembly and SMT Process use high quality SMT equipments, providing full service with DIP and MI processes and to Product Assembly. Please feel free to contact us for your OEM EMS needs.

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Taiwan | TEL: +886-2-2222-5799
China | TEL: +86-139-2946-5489
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SMT 設備: , 潔淨室規劃, 防靜電地板, AOI 自動視覺檢查機設備, 全面符合 SMT 無鉛製程( RoHS ), EMS 專業電子製造服務廠事業內容:, SMT 精密生產加工, EMS電子成品專業代工, Chip電阻、電容製造(合作)